Wanting to forge into the future with an EV from Fields Lexus of Glenview but have anxiety about charging? There’s no need to worry. With an at-home electric vehicle charging station, you can conveniently charge from home anytime.

Level 1 Charging

When convenience is key, it’s hard to beat a Level 1 charger. They can be plugged into any standard outlet, so you can charge anywhere one is available. However, the 120-volt charger does have limitations. It only gives you a three- to five-mile range after an hour of charging. This isn’t ideal even for plug-in hybrid vehicles, but certainly not for EVs. 

Level 2 Charging

You’ll find the sweet spot with a Level 2 charger. Level 2 chargers are found at most public charging stations, but you can also have one installed at home for convenient at-home charging. And, it is much faster than a Level 1 charger. In fact, if you plug in before bed, your vehicle should be charged by morning. Since it is a complex electrical installation, we highly recommend having a professional install your Level 2 charger.   

Level 3 Charging

You’ll find the fastest charging times with a Level 3 charger. In fact, you can charge up to 20 miles in just one minute with a direct-current fast-charging (DCFC). Unfortunately, their high power levels (and high costs) don’t really make them compatible with a home. If you need fast charging, you’ll need to search for a compatible public charging station. (Keep in mind that most public charging stations utilize Level 2 rather than Level 3 chargers.)

Want to make the electric switch? Reach out to our Glenview Lexus dealership to learn more about Lexus EV and PHEV vehicles and how to care for them. We’d love to help you get in one today!