RoutineLexus service is an important part of caring for your vehicle, and that includes occasional wheel alignments. Here are a few things you need to know about wheel alignment service at Fields Lexus of Glenview.

What is a Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment includes adjusting your wheels back to their original specifications. Depending on your vehicle, it may need a thrust alignment or a four-wheel alignment. First, we use an alignment machine to measure your wheels’ angles, then, our technicians adjust your wheels as needed to keep you driving in the correct direction.

Why Do I Need One?

Your wheels can become misaligned from everyday use, on both smooth and bumpy roads. Misalignment will affect the way your vehicle drives and steers, and it can cause premature tire wear, so alignment is important to protect your tires. If your tires begin to wear from being misaligned, you’ll see an increase in rolling resistance, which will also diminish your fuel efficiency.

How Often Do I Need One?

Generally, we recommend that you schedule a wheel alignment at least once a year, although twice a year is ideal. It’s also important to schedule an alignment if you think you may have damaged a wheel by hitting a pothole or a curb or have been involved in an accident. You should also schedule a wheel alignment if you’ve recently replaced your tires.

How Do I Know I Need an Alignment?

It’s important to watch for the signs that you need a wheel alignment to help protect your tires and also keep your vehicle safe. These are a few of the warning signs that it’s time for an alignment.

  • Vehicle pulls to one side
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Steering wheel is off-center when driving straight

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