When you’re searching Lexus service near me, you’ll see so many options and recommendations, that it can be difficult to determine just what you need. Here, our service experts at Fields Lexus of Glenview outline the service tasks you need to keep your electric vehicle in top shape.

Do Electric Vehicles Need More or Less Maintenance Than Gas-Powered Vehicles?

Electric vehicles require less maintenance than gas-powered vehicles. This helps you save on expenses, of course, but also means you’ll spend less time maintaining your vehicle. There are several maintenance tasks that a gas-powered vehicle needs that an EV won’t require:

  • Engine oil change
  • Engine oil filter replacement
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Transmission fluid and filter replacement
  • Inspection of engine accessory drive belts
  • Draining (and filling) of engine cooling system

How Often Does an EV Need Maintenance?

As a general guideline, we recommend that you schedule maintenance for your EV every 7,500 miles. Even though it doesn’t have the same components as a vehicle with a combustion engine, there are still parts that require routine maintenance. Plus, it’s still important to have your vehicle regularly inspected by a professional to look for any unusual wear and tear to help prevent serious damage from occurring.

What Does an EV Maintenance Appointment Entail?

As we mentioned, an electric vehicle won’t need as much maintenance as a gas-powered vehicle, but there are still components that need to be maintained. Tasks include:

  • Every 7,500 miles – tire inspection and rotation
  • Every 22,500 miles – air filter replacement
  • Every 150,000 miles – drain and fill vehicle coolant circuits

During your EV service, our expert technicians will inspect your vehicle to ensure that it is in perfect road-ready shape, as well.

Is your electric vehicle overdue for routine maintenance? Reach out to our Lexus dealership in Glenview, IL to schedule a service appointment with our trained and certified Lexus technicians. We’re happy to help today!