At Fields Lexus of Glenview, we won’t just help you find your next car. We’ll also help you get money for your current vehicle. Our trade-in program makes it easy to sell your car and invest in a new or pre-owned Lexus model. Here’s what you need to know.  

Trading In Your Car 

Trading in your car for a pre-owned Lexus model couldn’t be simpler. First, you can use our Value Your Trade tool on our website to get an approximate idea of how much your vehicle is worth. Give us info like the make, model, and year of your vehicle and we’ll be able to give you an estimate.  

After we give you an estimate, you can visit our dealership so we can see your trade-in for ourselves. We’ll make you a final offer and you’ll get cash for your vehicle. You can put that towards a new model or a pre-owned luxury car, or you can just keep the money.

Why a Pre-Owned Lexus Vehicle?  

The best part about buying a pre-owned car is the price. New cars decline in value once they leave dealerships, but a pre-owned model that’s just a few years old could cost less than you would expect. This means that you can probably stretch your budget and get more features, better performance, and a more luxurious ride.

If you’re looking for a smart way to sell your current car and save on a luxury vehicle, visit our Lexus dealership near Chicago. Our knowledgeable Lexus dealers will make it easy to navigate the trade-in program and find a pre-owned Lexus car that you’ll love!