Sticking to your budget when you’re buying a new car is a necessity. You don’t want to overextend yourself financially, so make sure that you listen to our Lexus finance experts here at Fields Lexus of Glenview. You can still get a luxury car you love without the financial stress.  

Consider All Costs 

Your monthly car payments are extremely important. However, remember that this isn’t the only cost of car ownership; there are also insurance premiums and fuel costs to worry about.

You also have to think about maintenance and repairs. If your monthly car payment alone doesn’t leave you a lot of wiggle room financially, you may need to look at a model with a lower price.  

Use Our Online Tools 

Our website offers a number of tools that can help you stick to your budget. You can value your trade-in (if you have one) and get an estimate of how much it’s worth. While your final offer may differ a bit, this estimate can help you figure out what kind of budget you have to work with.  

You can also use the “Build Your Lexus” tool on our website. This allows you to pick out specific models and trim levels to see exactly how much they will cost. You can see how different options add to the price and easily tell if a model is out of your price range.  

Consider a Pre-Owned Car 

You could also consider a pre-owned Lexus vehicle. These luxury cars still have a lot to offer and many miles left to drive. There are many good reasons to consider buying a pre-owned car, including the price. You may be surprised by how much car you can get for your money.  

Visit our luxury car dealers in Glenview to check out our wide selection of Lexus cars and crossovers. We’ll help you find one that works for your budget!