Next to every car engine is a well-powered battery, and here at our Lexus service center, we know how to take expert care of both. At Fields Lexus of Glenview, we pride ourselves in our professional auto care, and that includes vital battery service.  

Why is Battery Service Important? 

Your car’s battery is tasked with providing chemical and electrical energy to start your vehicle. On top of that, your battery provides much-needed power to your car’s various electrical systems, including your infotainment system, power locks, and more.  

As such, your battery is essential in creating a fulfilling driving experience. However, like all components in your vehicle, your battery has a limited lifespan. On average, car batteries last anywhere between three to five years, depending on the battery, your car, and how you drive. That said, you can prolong the life of your battery by seeking professional maintenance.  

Signs that Your Battery Needs Service 

There are several signs that indicate your battery requires service. One telltale sign is if your engine struggles to start. An engine that is hesitant to turn over could be traced to an inefficient battery. 

Alternatively, if your interior lights don’t come on when you enter your Lexus vehicle, that could mean your battery is on a low charge. While you can always jump start your battery, this will only help you get to your next destination, and there’s no guarantee that your car will start next time you get behind the wheel. 

Professional Battery Maintenance at Our Lexus Dealership 

Fortunately, when you visit our Glenview, IL Lexus dealership, we’ll provide you with the skills and tools needed to keep your car well-powered. From battery replacements to inspections, our team at Fields Lexus of Glenview will stop at nothing to give you a phenomenal driving experience.