Spring is a great time to get on top of car maintenance, especially after winter has pushed your car to its limits. Perform these quick, basic maintenance steps, then come into Fields Lexus of Glenview for Lexus service today!

Time for an Oil Change

Winter can be hard on your engine, so if it’s been a while since you had an oil change, spring is a great time to start fresh. Motor oil captures dirt, contaminants, and metal shavings that can clog up an engine, but it needs to be regularly flushed to remove the material from the engine system. Your oil filter needs to be replaced, too, if it’s been a while since its last checkup, and our technicians will also replace or top off other essential fluids.

Check Your Battery

Summer and winter are the hardest seasons on a car battery, with the extreme temperatures wearing them out more quickly. That makes spring a good time to check how healthy your battery is, having just survived the winter months. Make sure your fluid levels are topped off, as battery fluid evaporates much quicker during the summer and may leave you high and dry.

Test Your Tires

Changes in temperature and air pressure can affect your tires’ performance, especially if they’re under or overinflated. Test the pressure on all four tires, preferably in the morning before you start driving for the day, and compare it to the recommended range in your owner’s manual. While you’re checking your tires, it’s a good time to ensure you have enough tread depth for the months ahead, too.

Get Spring Lexus Service in Glenview, IL Near Chicago

Winter is tough on cars, so if you’ve noticed any issues with your Lexus vehicle, it’s time to come in for service. Make an appointment with our team at Fields Lexus of Glenview and come in for a full check-up today!