If you’re looking to know about Lexus parts and maintenance, our auto experts are here for you. We get a lot of questions at Fields Lexus of Glenview, but many of our customers are curious about why headlights tend to go out.

The Role of Headlights

Headlights are essential for every vehicle, providing much-needed illumination when the road gets dark. As a result, it is incredibly important to ensure that this crucial component continues to work effectively.

No component is bound to last forever though, particularly headlights. Regardless of how dedicated you are to maintenance and repair, eventually, your headlights will go out.

That being said, there are many reasons why headlights do go outWhy Lexus Headlights Go Out and understanding why can help you prepare.

The Reasons Headlights Go Out

If only one of your headlights goes out, this could be because of a burned-out bulb. Many headlights use bulbs to illuminate, and like all bulbs, headlight bulbs have a limited lifespan.

Alternatively, if both headlights go out this could either be a bulb issue or a deeper problem. When both headlights go out, it could be the telltale sign of a broken fuse, relay, or module; it could also be caused by a wiring issue.

Low or dim headlights can seem troublesome, but it is actually quite easy to remedy. Dim headlights are often caused by foggy lenses or worn-out bulbs. Sometimes fixing this problem can be as easy as wiping down your headlights.

Headlight Servicing at Our Lexus Dealership

If you’re in need of headlight repair or maintenance our Lexus dealership in Glenview, IL is the place to be. At Fields Lexus of Glenview, we’ll go that extra mile to fulfill your every auto need.