There’s no compromising involved when it comes to a L/Certified pre-owned Lexus, and you can find a sleek and stunning model at Fields Lexus of Glenview. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see all the perks of choosing a pre-owned vehicle.

More Affordable

Pre-owned vehicles are almost always more affordable than a new model. Naturally, a luxury vehicle is a major investment, so this is helpful if you are still wanting all the perks of a Lexus vehicle without the price tag. Premium vehicles often come with premium additional costs too. Buying a more affordable vehicle can help you save on registration and auto insurance costs as well.

Avoid the Depreciation

One of the primary reasons a pre-owned vehicle is more affordable is because a new vehicle’s value depreciates so quickly. In fact, it loses value significantly in the first year alone — up to 20-percent. This oftentimes leaves new owners upside down in their loans early on. So, if you are considering trading in or selling your vehicle sooner than later, this is particularly beneficial.

A Premium Vehicle

When it comes down to it, one of the biggest perks of buying a pre-owned Lexus vehicle is that you are getting into an exquisite Lexus luxury vehicle. These vehicles are built with superior quality, so you can rest assured they are built to last. Plus, they include a multitude of advanced features and amenities. And, when you consider a pre-owned option, you may be able to afford more of those features than you expected.

You really don’t want to pass up a stunning Lexus car or SUV. If you are shopping with a limited budget, you’ll be delighted at the L/Certified Pre-Owned Lexus vehicles available to you. Visit Fields Lexus Glenview north of Chicago to peruse our inventory today!