You don’t always have to settle for buying a new luxury vehicle, especially with how big of an investment it can be. Fortunately, when you visit Fields Lexus of Glenview, you’ll find that we offer helpful and more affordable alternatives to becoming the proud owner of a new Lexus brand vehicle.

Lexus is known for developing phenomenal luxury vehicles that offer a driving experience that can go far and beyond expectations. That said, the price tag of a new Lexus can deter some potential buyers, particularly if they’re unsure  what model they want to own for the long-term. Fortunately, you can find a more affordable alternative by signing a lease.

When you sign a lease, you’re essentially agreeing to return the vehicle back to the dealership once your borrowing term is over. On average, a lease can last anywhere between 24 and 48 months and as a result, they require a far lower monthly burden than auto loans.

That said, a lease can come with some gripes as well. For one, you’ll be expected to pay for any wear and tear on the vehicle once your lease is up. In that same vein, many lease agreements come with a mileage cap, which essentially limits how much you can drive the vehicle. Although, even with these cons, leasing a vehicle can give you a chance to always drive something brand new and spend less money doing it, too.

Our dealers at our Lexus dealership near Evanston are as passionate about customer satisfaction as we are about our incredible new vehicle inventory. From auto leases to auto loans and maintenance, we do it all and more to fulfill each of your auto-related needs.