We believe that a huge factor involved in being a great Lexus dealership is having a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. When you visit our showroom at Fields Lexus of Glenview, the first thing you’ll likely notice is the level of diversity, especially when it comes to the engines tucked beneath the hood.  

Different Types of Engines  

If you’re shopping for a new Lexus, you may notice right away that the number of choices can be overwhelming. Between sprawling luxury SUVs and sleek Lexus sedans, finding the right fit can feel like a lot of trial and error. However, one main factor to look out for when browsing through our selection is what kind of engine would match your driving style.  

In truth, engines vary just as much as the cars they power. However, every engine is classified based on the number of cylinders thumping inside. The count of cylinders can often directly translate to how the engine performs. For instance, a four-cylinder engine will lean more towards fuel conservation, as you won’t need as much fuel to power all four cylinders. On the flip side, a six- or eight-cylinder engine is going to offer a considerable amount of punch, at the drawback of burning more fuel than smaller units.  

How do you determine which engine type is the right fit for you? That’s where our Lexus dealers come in. At Fields Lexus of Glenview, we’ll not only help you buy a new Lexus car, but we’ll also help you find the engine and car that will live up to your expectations.