Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home. It’s important to give your vehicle a thorough cleaning too. Our Lexus service technicians at Fields Lexus of Glenview have a few tips to help.

Detail-Clean Your Cabin

A clean cabin doesn’t just look better, it’s better for your health too. Spring is an opportune time to give your cabin a refresh.

  • Start by removing any trash or clutter from your vehicle
  • Gently brush the interior surfaces to dislodge any dust and particles
  • Vacuum the cabin thoroughly, including the cupholders and crevices
  • Remove the floor mats to carefully vacuum them as well as the floor underneath
  • Use car wipes to wipe down the hard surfaces
  • If you have leather seating, use leather conditioning wipes

Wash the Exterior

It’s also important to carefully clean the exterior of your vehicle. Take this opportunity to utilize the upsells if you visit a carwash. Tire and wheel cleaners, as well as car wax, can truly make a difference. Keep in mind that carwashes can’t always get every detail, particularly if you already have an accumulation of bugs and dust on your car. Your car may need a little extra attention from a hand wash or wax to truly get it clean.

Schedule an Oil Change

As dirty as your car may be, it’s probably much dirtier under the hood. Maintenance includes a thorough inspection of your vehicle, looking for unusual wear or corrosion. It also includes an oil change, which includes removing the old oil from your vehicle and replacing it with new oil, which will flow more freely to help limit heat. We’ll also replace dirty filters and top off your other fluids.

Ready to prep your Lexus car for spring? Visit our Lexus dealership in Glenview, IL for routine service today!