Tired of spending so much money every time you fill up? You’re not alone. With fuel prices climbing, our Lexus service technicians at Fields Lexus of Glenview have put together a few tips to help you save the next time you’re at the pump.  

Avoid Aggressive Driving 

When you are driving, drive with caution. Constantly slamming on your brakes or rapidly accelerating can seriously drain your gas. In fact, if you are frequently accelerating and then decelerating you can diminish your gas mileage by over 30 percent.  

Quit Idling  

Idling is harmful to your vehicle in many ways. It can drain your battery and cause undue wear to your engine, while also wasting gas. Vehicles use up more gas while idling for less than a minute than they would by restarting the engine.  

Change Your Oil 

Routine oil changes help limit extreme heat and friction from the moving parts of your engine. They are also important to keep your vehicle running efficiently. When your oil gets too old, it thickens and doesn’t lubricate the moving parts as well, which affects your engine’s performance. This can also seriously reduce your fuel efficiency.  

Inflate Your Tires 

Underinflated tires also negatively impact your car’s fuel efficiency. It’s important to keep your tires at an adequate psi (pounds per square inch). You can check your owner’s manual to see the recommended psi for your vehicle. Your tread is also vital — uneven tires have to work harder, which in turn makes your vehicle use up more fuel.  

Is your Lexus vehicle overdue for an oil change? Is it time to rotate or replace your tires? If you want to get more out of your next tank of gas, visit our Lexus dealership in Glenview, IL to give your vehicle a little extra TLC. We look forward to seeing you soon!