If you notice that your car is leaving puddles of liquid in parking spots, should you be concerned? It might mean that your car is leaking the oil it needs to operate at peak performance levels.

At Fields Lexus of Glenview, our Lexus service staff can diagnose the problem and fix the leak, saving you money in the long term.  

What Causes an Oil Leak? 

An oil leak can be caused by a number of different factors. Usually, it’s a problem with a particular part. 

An oil pan gasket that no longer provides the proper seal between the oil pan and the engine block could be the culprit. A valve cover gasket could also be the problem.  

If the problem isn’t some type of seal, it could be your oil filter or oil drain plug. During an oil change, your filter is replaced and your oil drain plug is removed and then reinserted. If your mechanic wasn’t thorough, it’s possible that one of these parts is causing the leak.  

Why You Need to Fix an Oil Leak Right Away 

If you see fluid leaking from your vehicle, you need to schedule a service appointment right away. Oil is flammable, so driving around with a leak can be incredibly dangerous. An oil leak can also affect the seals and rubber hoses in your vehicle, causing them to wear down at a faster rate. This will cost you more money later.

If you suspect that you have an oil leak or another type of mechanical problem, visit our Lexus mechanics in Glenview, IL. We have the new Lexus parts you need and automotive knowledge you can rely on!