When it comes to Lexus service, there’s no team better than Fields Lexus of Glenview. We’re here to help with your Lexus service needs, including preparing your vehicle for winter. Learn about the best practices to protect your car as the cold weather comes in with support from our team.

Inspect the Battery

Most car batteries will last three to five years, but a lot depends on how the vehicle is stored and driven — as well as the temperature outside. In temperatures below freezing, your battery can lose up to 50% of its capacity. For that reason, you’ll want to get the battery inspected before winter, so you know if it needs to be replaced because the capacity is low.

Inspect the Hoses and Belts

There are several different hoses and belts that go into making your Lexus function, and they must remain in top condition for safety and reliability. These hoses and belts are made out of rubber and materials that can be prone to cracking or breaking in cold temperatures, and that may mean leaks or damage while you drive. To prevent this, and to keep your vehicle safe, it’s best to get your hoses and belts inspected at the start of the winter season.

Schedule Tire Service

Our tires are our first line of defense when we’re out on the open road, and that’s especially true in winter when roads are slick or icy. Our team will determine if your vehicle needs snow tires and will swap out your current tires if needed. We’ll also check the tread depth, to ensure you have as much traction as possible for all your winter driving needs.

Schedule Winter Lexus Service and Support in Glenview, IL Near Chicago

No matter what your seasonal service needs may be, Fields Lexus of Glenview is here to help. Visit our dealership to get your vehicle prepped for safe winter driving today!