Lexus service is about keeping your vehicle functioning safely and effectively, and it includes more than just regular oil changes and tire rotations. The parts you use, including the fuel you put into your car every week, can have a massive impact on how comfortable, safe, and efficient your vehicle runs.

Our expert service team at Fields Lexus of Glenview is here to give you all the information you need to drive with confidence. Here’s a brief overview of which fuel types work best with your specific make and model. 

Types of Fuel 

The type of fuel you put into your vehicle is going to depend on your model and the kind of driving you do. Different fuel types include hydrogen fuel, biofuel, and diesel, but the most commonly used fuel type is gasoline.

When it comes to picking the right type of gas grade for your Lexus car, there are three different options to consider: 

  • Regular gasoline. This type of gasoline has the lowest octane level, or the level at which fuel will combust. Regular gasoline is fine for most vehicles that have average engines and for drivers who have moderate driving styles.  
  • Mid-range gasoline. Regular gasoline has an octane level of around 87, while mid-range gasoline has an octane level of 90. Mid-range gasoline is great for vehicles that are built for speed, but it can also work well in moderate-speed vehicles as well. 
  • Premium gasoline. This type of gasoline has an octane rating of 91-94. It’s best for engines that have higher compression, including performance vehicles with turbochargers. If you notice that your engine makes a knocking noise, that is a good indication that you need premium gas.  

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