A sudden breakdown can be stressful, annoying, and even dangerous. Here at Fields Lexus of Glenview, we know just how irritating this situation can be. These tips from our Lexus service center can help you deal with a breakdown and, hopefully, avoid future ones.  

Preparing for a Potential Breakdown  

In preparation for sudden breakdowns, make sure that you have what you need ahead of time. Keep useful supplies in your car, including road flares, jumper cables, a charger for your phone, water, and snacks. You might be stuck somewhere for a little while, so it’s better to be over-prepared.  

In the Event of a Breakdown 

Your top priority during a breakdown should always be your safety. Get your car off of the road if possible and turn on your hazard lights. If it’s dark out, put down road flares or reflective flags.

Once you’re out of harm’s way, use your phone and call for help. If you have a roadside assistance program, try reaching out. If not, you can look up local garages and tow trucks to see if there is someone nearby to assist you.  

The most important thing you can do in this situation is to keep calm and stay with your vehicle. Don’t wander off or try to fix the problem yourself.  

Preventing Breakdowns 

You can’t foresee all the mechanical problems your car might incur, but there are some things you can do to make a breakdown less likely. What’s really important is taking proper care of your vehicle. Visiting our service center when needed, replacing Lexus parts that wear out, and having our mechanics check for potential issues are all things you can do to minimize the possibility of a breakdown.

You can’t prevent every mechanical problem, but our Lexus dealership near Deerfield is always here to help during an emergency. Talk to our skilled, factory-trained mechanics today!