Winter is right around the corner — is your vehicle ready for the frigid elements? To be certain your car can handle the frosty weather, be sure to schedule maintenance at our Lexus service center. Here are other ways to optimize your car for cold-weather performance.

Check the Headlights

There are fewer daylight hours in winter, meaning you’ll rely more heavily on your headlights. This makes it more important to ensure the lights are working optimally. You should also examine the headlight covers. Oxidation causes the covers to fog over time, leading to decreased visibility. A technician at the dealership can remove excess oxidation.

Check the Tire Pressure

Tires lose about one psi for every 10-degree drop in temperature. You should check the psi of all four tires every month. It’s especially important to do this in the fall if you haven’t already been doing so. Low tire pressure leads to reduced mileage and accelerated tread wear.

Check the Battery

Batteries die more often in winter because cold temperatures cause the chemicals inside the battery to change at the molecular level. Consider a battery blanket to insulate the battery against the cold. You can also apply dielectric grease around the terminals to prevent corrosion.

Prevent Frozen Fuel Lines

Winter may still have mildly hot afternoons with the temperature declining rapidly in the evening. This fluctuation can create condensation in the fuel line. In severe situations, this can cause the fuel line to ice up and the car to fail altogether. Use fuel additives designed to prevent icing. However, confirm with your local gas station that it doesn’t already use anti-freezing additives.

Make an appointment at Fields Lexus Glenview for servicing. Whether you own the Lexus LS 500 or the Lexus GX 460, all models require routine maintenance, especially in response to extreme temperatures. Don’t wait until you’re snowed in or iced out!