Warm weather affects many parts of your car’s powertrain, including your motor oil. You can switch to a seasonal oil, but the best plan is to bring your car into Fields Lexus of Glenview for regular Lexus oil changes. Let’s take a closer look at what happens to your Lexus motor oil as the weather heats up.

Oil and Hot Weather

Because the motor oil in your engine needs to lubricate moving parts and absorb dirt and debris, keeping it at the right viscosity is essential. Like most liquids, motor oil becomes more viscous when the weather cools, which makes the parts work harder. The reverse happens during the summer: the hot temperatures make motor oil less viscous, which means it can’t lubricate the parts as effectively.

Multi-Viscosity Motor Oil

Some drivers use seasonal motor oil to avoid problems caused by changing viscosity. This usually means switching to a lower-weight oil during the winter and then changing back to a higher-weight oil during spring, summer, and fall. While this can optimize your performance and is useful for extreme weather, in general, most modern cars can use multi-viscosity oil, designed for all-year driving, without losing performance.

Read Your Owner’s Manual

If you don’t know what kind of oil is recommended for your engine, check your owner’s manual. In addition to recommending a particular weight, your manual will also give you a recommended timetable for oil changes and other regular maintenance. Keeping up with your regularly scheduled oil changes is the best way to keep your engine running well all year long.

Get Your Lexus Oil Change Service in Glenview, IL Near Chicago

Switching to seasonal engine oil can help with performance, but the best way to ensure your car runs well is to keep up with your regular oil changes. Bring your car to Fields Lexus of Glenview and have our expert team refresh your motor oil today!