Enticed by the advanced features and amenities you can find in a used Lexus ES from Fields Lexus of Glenview? Hesitant to buy a pre-owned vehicle? With the proper research, there’s no reason to be cautious about shopping used.

Check Out the Vehicle History Report

You will find out so much about a vehicle when you see how it was taken care of. With a vehicle history report, you can get a clear picture of the vehicle’s past life.

  • Was it ever involved in an accident?
  • Did it get the repairs it should?
  • Does it have any open recalls?
  • Does it have a solid service history?

Give it a Thorough Inspection

When we list a pre-owned vehicle on our lot, our trained technicians always give it a meticulous inspection to make sure that it’s a reliable vehicle and is functioning efficiently. We also encourage you to give the vehicle a once-over.

  • Do you notice any unusual wear?
  • Does it have cosmetic damage?
  • Do you notice any odd smells?
  • Are the tires worn or bare?

Take a Test Drive

A test drive is crucial when you are shopping for a pre-owned vehicle. Even if it was well cared for, you don’t want to just assume it’s in perfect condition. It’s important to get out on the road and check it out for yourself.

  • Does it seem sluggish or slow to start?
  • Notice any grinding, knocking, or screeching noises?
  • How is the handling?

As we mentioned, we have strict standards for listing a vehicle at our Lexus dealership in Glenview, IL. When you are looking for a quality used Lexus ES, we’re confident we’ve got just what you need. Stop in and see us today to get started!