The Lexus service center at Fields Lexus of Glenview is here to support you. We offer a wide menu of service tasks, and we make it easy to order the new parts and accessories your vehicle needs. Here are just a few of the signs that it’s time to bring your Lexus vehicle to Fields Lexus of Glenview for service.

Your Fuel Economy Drops

One of the most obvious indications that your vehicle isn’t running at its maximum capacity is fuel efficiency. A sudden change in fuel efficiency may be an indication of a leak, damaged parts, or even misfiring spark plugs. These issues should be addressed right away to keep your vehicle safe and to save you money on fuel and future repairs.

You Hear or Smell Something Unusual

You always want to pay close attention to changes in the smells or sounds from your vehicle, especially if they’re happening at specific times. For instance, if you smell sulfur when you go to start your car, it may be a sign that the battery is corroding, and squealing or grinding during braking typically indicates worn brake pads that need to be replaced.

Your Exhaust is Dark or Rich

It’s not unusual to see light grey exhaust on occasion, but you do want to take note if your vehicle’s exhaust is suddenly very dark or rich. This typically indicates that the fuel isn’t combusting properly, likely due to an imbalance of oxygen and fuel and that excess fuel is being burned and released. You’ll want to get your air filter and fuel injector inspected if this occurs.

Schedule Service at Fields Lexus of Glenview

These are just a few of the service tasks our expert team can help with. Get the care and maintenance support you and your Lexus vehicle deserve at Fields Lexus of Glenview today!