When you’re shopping for a pre-owned Lexus, Fields Lexus of Glenview is the dealership to help. We work side-by-side with drivers to showcase the benefits of purchasing pre-owned, and to help you pick out the best model for your driving needs. Learn about the top questions to ask when shopping for your next pre-owned vehicle, with support from our team.

How Many Miles Does the Vehicle Have?

While the age of a vehicle is an important factor to consider, mileage can tell you more about how hard the vehicle was driven and how much life is left in essential parts and systems. It’s important to look at the mileage of the vehicle, to determine if it’s worth the value and viable for long-term use.

How Many Owners Has It Had?

It’s also important to look into the vehicle’s owner history. The fewer previous owners a vehicle has had, the better, since it’s easier to track the history of service and accidents. There’s also a lower possibility that any essential parts, like the odometer, have been tampered with when a vehicle has fewer owners.

What is the Service and Repair History?

You want to look at both how well the vehicle was maintained and if or when it was in any accidents. Accidents may not take a vehicle off the table completely, but you’ll want to be able to factor future repair needs into your budget. A vehicle with a comprehensive service history is often a good option since you know the car was well cared for.

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No matter what your pre-owned Lexus needs might be, Fields Lexus of Glenview is here to help. Visit our dealership to pick out the perfect pre-owned model for the road ahead today!